Almond Flour, Blue Berry, Chocolate Chip Pancakes – PALEO


  • 1 1/2 cups almond flour
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 tbsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 cup fresh blue berries
  • handful of Soy Free/Diary free Enjoy Life Chocolate chips 

Mix everything together, put them on the burner and enjoy!  Don’t flip them too early as they will fall apart.  You can modify this by adding whatever you fruit you like.  Sometimes I just do blue berries or just chocolate chips.  I might try cranberry/pumpkin soon.  Get creative and make it your own.  Play around with this recipe and enjoy!!

I still think it’s important to get more protein in the morning so I would also recommend making bacon and eggs or having a protein shake as well just so you can keep up with those macros as I was talking about yesterday – 6 reasons girls need protein supplements.

6 reasons why girls need protein supplements

AdvoCare Muscle Gain


Girls…it’s time to get your shaker cups out because you need to be drinking protein to aid with your muscle recovery!  There is the perception that if you drink protein, you will get big and bulky.  This is SO not the case!  There are several reasons that protein is important for all active women today….

  • You are not eating enough protein throughout the day.  Active females should be eating their body weight in grams daily, at minimum.  That’s right ladies – 100+ grams protein per day.  Let’s put this in perspective – a 6 oz chicken breast has 30-40g of protein; do you eat 4 pieces of chicken a day?  Didn’t think so…
  • Muscle Recovery. Without getting too technical…Protein is what helps our muscle tissue grow and recover.  You know that really long run or workout that left you feeling fatigued, tired and sore?  Drinking protein immediately after will replenish and repair the muscle tissue that you just used.  Simple.
  • Weight loss.  Protein is a great way control your appetite.  Mixing protein powder with water or light almond milk is a great snack to have that is low in carbs and fat.  Protein can also curb appetites while giving you the nutrients your muscles need to gain strength.
  • Builds lean muscle mass. Girls do not have same large muscle mass growth hormones as men do.  Adding more protein into your diet will help build LEAN muscle mass that helps with strength and a stronger metabolism. TRANSLATION: YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY FROM PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS.
  • Easy and affordable.  Protein is great on-the-go.  You can easily pack it and this is a better snack/meal replacement for someone who is busy and on a budget!  The cost per sake is usually around $2.00…stay away from mid-day lattes ladies and replace with protein and coffee!!
  • TASTES AMAZING.  So, if someone told you you could have chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milk every day….would you? YES, duh. Personally, protein is the highlight of my day and I look forward to when I get to have it, for all the reasons above.

Recommended Protein and Recovery Supplements:

So go get your protein girls and gain lean muscle mass that will aid in recovery, weight loss and a a healthy metabolism!


My 24 Day Challenge….

I just finished my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.  I feel much leaner and I feel like my just feel like my digestive track is much more on point.  I was able to lost 5 pounds – 125 to 120 and help get myself back on track from the summer fun I had!

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Before and After. You can see a noticeable difference in my legs and in my obliques…I was able to lean out and feel much better overall!

The first 10 days is the Cleanse Phase where you take a morning energy/mental focus drink, fiber drink, probiotic and omega 3 vitamins while following your regular diet. The Next 14 days is the Max Phase where you take morning energy/mental focus drink, daily vitamin pack, and one meal replacement shake that is SO GOOD.

The challenge was so easy!  I was able to follow the easy guide AdvoCare provided for me while staying away from alcohol and dairy completely for the 24 days.  I also followed a regimented diet that I followed for most of the summer but I tried to focus on my portion control as well.  This really was the perfect kick start to my diet as I needed a refresher to get me back into the groove.  I definitely recommend this 24 day challenge for anyone who needs a diet dial-in.


This is actually what the 24 Day Challenge is capable of doing for you:

  •  Provide you with coaching as well as support all through
  • Ensure 2-4 convenient and balanced meals each day
  • Burn off excess fat
  • Improve organic stamina
  • Develop lean muscle mass
  • Improve immune system functionality
  • Boost your body’s metabolic process
  • Enhance nutrient absorption as well as digestive function
  • Cut cravings and fill nutritional “gaps”
  • Reduce pains, discomfort as well as persistent swelling
  • Train real-world, easy way of life routines it is simple to sustain
  • Give a handy, affordable solution for health problems as well as being overweight
I recommend the 24-Day Challenge to anyone who wants to:
  • Loose weight
  • Gain energy
  • Increase performance
  • Gain muscle or combination of them

10 diet tips that will change your life…

You can’t out train a bad diet.

I have learned that you can not change your body until you change your diet.  Running 6 miles does burn calories but, does not justify eating french fries.  You can run all day long but you will never run long enough to undo the damage done by a bad diet.  Your body is a machine and you need to fuel it properly so it can work at the highest capacity!

10 diet tips that will change your life:

  • Stop eating gluten; just do it
  • Stop eating artificial sweeteners; again, just do it
  • Cut out/cut down sugar (even your fruit intake – sorry!!)
  • Cut out/cut down on diary
  • Eat CARBS; if you are working out, your body needs stored energy to help recover your muscles and get you ready for your next workout
  • Limit FAT if you want to lose fat.  Use the natural fat that is in your ground beef, steak, or chicken thighs instead of adding additional butter or oil.  Use in moderation if at all…
  • PROTEIN powder is amazing for muscle recovery; find a chocolate flavored protein, have it post workout and imagine it is chocolate milk
  • Eat every veggie you can!
  • EAT REAL FOODS: cut out pasta, cereal, and any foods that are stored in box

These are baby steps to making your diet work for you.  You don’t have to be perfect.  Start small and add steps as you learn.  These simple guidelines can change your life. Your body will thank you and will reward you by showing results.


I have done several Paleo challenges and learned what works best for my diet.  You can take a look at my results and my story and see how I changed my bad habits.  I used to run and eat french fries and get frustrated that I wasn’t seeing results! You can also look at my recipes for good ways to start eating real food.

What will you change this week?  Also, if you need any help with your current diet let me know! 

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reebok pic


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TRY IT OUT TUESDAY – burpees, sit-ups, push-ups

crossfit girls


I posted Benchmark Workouts before the holidays started but I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing!  Benchmark’s are the best way to make sure you are not digressing with your progress.  These workouts will work for everyone and will make you sweat.

I challenge you to try 3 minutes of MAX EFFORT WORK for these 3 different movements – burpeespush-upssit-ups (please scale as needed) 

Rest 2 minutes in between each set.  Count your reps and write down how many reps your acheived in the 3 minute time frame.

Scaling Options:

  • burpees – no scale, push though the suck!
  • push-ups – place your knees on the ground and use full range on motion (chest to deck!)
  • sit-ups – crunches

Try these movements on one day of each week.

Shoot for a better score every week and track your progress.  The movements don’t get easier, but you will start to get more efficient at each movement.  You will get faster and increase your reps.

Now is the time to test yourself!  I have my scores below on my progress throughout the month of december and January.  The results are interesting and you can tell when I was tired and when I was fresh.  I feel like overall I am getting better and more consistent with my burpees!

You can do this workout at home, at a gym or even outside.  They will make you sweat and they are NOT easy.  GO SPRINT! Get to it and post your scores.


  • Burpees: 43, 40, 45, 47
  • Push-ups: 45, 48, 43, 40
  • Sit-ups: 55, 40, 50, 55


  • Burpees: 47, 42, 38
  • Push-ups: 45, 50, 41
  • Sit-ups: 53, 55, 47

5 ways to push through the pain!

crossfit girls

Let’s face it, sometimes working out out is not all that fun.  I want to share some ways that will help you push through the pain even when you don’t think you have it in you.  These suggestions will help you sprint the last mile of a marathon, do one extra rep in a CrossFit workout, or help you get of bed for your 5am morning workout.

  1. Remember WHY you started – What gave you the motivation to make a change?  Use this reason to FUEL you every time you need a reminder you want to be better than the person you were when you started.
  2. Remember how FAR you have come – You have accomplished so much already, think about what you can accomplish if you KEEP GOING
  3. PAIN IS TEMPORARY – My coaches used to use this quote, “Pain is Temporary but Pride is Forever,” and I hated to hear it when I was tired but now I thrive off this because it’s TRUE; your pain, soreness and fatigue is short lived but your results will last so much longer!
  4. Keep BREATHING – 90% of the time you just need more oxygen to your muscles to help you get through the last push.
  5. Convince yourself YOU CAN DO IT – when you are struggling just tell yourself you can do it, eventually you will do it if you convince your mind it is possible. Your mind is a powerful tool, use it.

Use these suggestions and get through the pain.  No one ever said that fitness is easy but being fit is worth every ounce of pain.  The picture above has me deadlifting 200# which is my 1.5 x my bodyweight.  I did for 8 reps at 200# followed by 6 reps at 215#.  This was painful, hard and very fatiguing and, I knew I would be sore, hungry and exhausted the next day BUT I finished it.  I just kept thinking how far I have come and why stop now?  The first time I deadlifted 18 months ago I deadlifted 3 reps at 75#.  That’s some progress.

What is your motivator?



crossfit girls

TRY IT OUT TUESDAY – weekly workout plan

crossfit girls

Sample Weekly Workout Plan

Below I have a full week workout plan.  These workouts will take between 20 – 30 minutes.  I included two mandatory rest days on Thursday and Sunday.  Try this schedule and scale as needed to fit your fitness level.  I would recommend workouts in the morning before you get your day started.

  • Monday: 6 rounds: 200m run/50 air squats
  • Tuesday: 3 x 400m running max effort sprints – FAST
  • Wednesday: 20 minute moderate pace run/bike and 100 sit-ups
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday: 3 rounds: 400m run/30 sit-ups/20 air squats/10 pushups
  • Saturday: 3 rounds: 10 burpees/20 walking lunges/10 sit-ups/400m run
  • Sunday: REST

Running on treadmill?

  • 400m run = .25 of mile
  • 200m run = .13 of mile

Combine this with a diet of REAL food.  I have some tips here to follow for the week.  Get to work – you have a busy week!