6 reasons why girls need protein supplements

AdvoCare Muscle Gain


Girls…it’s time to get your shaker cups out because you need to be drinking protein to aid with your muscle recovery!  There is the perception that if you drink protein, you will get big and bulky.  This is SO not the case!  There are several reasons that protein is important for all active women today….

  • You are not eating enough protein throughout the day.  Active females should be eating their body weight in grams daily, at minimum.  That’s right ladies – 100+ grams protein per day.  Let’s put this in perspective – a 6 oz chicken breast has 30-40g of protein; do you eat 4 pieces of chicken a day?  Didn’t think so…
  • Muscle Recovery. Without getting too technical…Protein is what helps our muscle tissue grow and recover.  You know that really long run or workout that left you feeling fatigued, tired and sore?  Drinking protein immediately after will replenish and repair the muscle tissue that you just used.  Simple.
  • Weight loss.  Protein is a great way control your appetite.  Mixing protein powder with water or light almond milk is a great snack to have that is low in carbs and fat.  Protein can also curb appetites while giving you the nutrients your muscles need to gain strength.
  • Builds lean muscle mass. Girls do not have same large muscle mass growth hormones as men do.  Adding more protein into your diet will help build LEAN muscle mass that helps with strength and a stronger metabolism. TRANSLATION: YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY FROM PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS.
  • Easy and affordable.  Protein is great on-the-go.  You can easily pack it and this is a better snack/meal replacement for someone who is busy and on a budget!  The cost per sake is usually around $2.00…stay away from mid-day lattes ladies and replace with protein and coffee!!
  • TASTES AMAZING.  So, if someone told you you could have chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milk every day….would you? YES, duh. Personally, protein is the highlight of my day and I look forward to when I get to have it, for all the reasons above.

Recommended Protein and Recovery Supplements:

So go get your protein girls and gain lean muscle mass that will aid in recovery, weight loss and a a healthy metabolism!


One thought on “6 reasons why girls need protein supplements

  1. I love protein powder. I’m not currently eating the g/lb amount, but my intake is still fairly high and I find it difficult to eat as much protein as I need without eating tons of meat or adding in lots of extra carbs by eating rice & beans or lentils. I like to bake with it, make raw energy balls with it, put it in smoothies, and mix it with some BCAA’s, water and ice in a shaker cup!

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