10 diet tips that will change your life…

You can’t out train a bad diet.

I have learned that you can not change your body until you change your diet.  Running 6 miles does burn calories but, does not justify eating french fries.  You can run all day long but you will never run long enough to undo the damage done by a bad diet.  Your body is a machine and you need to fuel it properly so it can work at the highest capacity!

10 diet tips that will change your life:

  • Stop eating gluten; just do it
  • Stop eating artificial sweeteners; again, just do it
  • Cut out/cut down sugar (even your fruit intake – sorry!!)
  • Cut out/cut down on diary
  • Eat CARBS; if you are working out, your body needs stored energy to help recover your muscles and get you ready for your next workout
  • Limit FAT if you want to lose fat.  Use the natural fat that is in your ground beef, steak, or chicken thighs instead of adding additional butter or oil.  Use in moderation if at all…
  • PROTEIN powder is amazing for muscle recovery; find a chocolate flavored protein, have it post workout and imagine it is chocolate milk
  • Eat every veggie you can!
  • EAT REAL FOODS: cut out pasta, cereal, and any foods that are stored in box

These are baby steps to making your diet work for you.  You don’t have to be perfect.  Start small and add steps as you learn.  These simple guidelines can change your life. Your body will thank you and will reward you by showing results.


I have done several Paleo challenges and learned what works best for my diet.  You can take a look at my results and my story and see how I changed my bad habits.  I used to run and eat french fries and get frustrated that I wasn’t seeing results! You can also look at my recipes for good ways to start eating real food.

What will you change this week?  Also, if you need any help with your current diet let me know! 

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