TRY IT OUT TUESDAY – burpees, sit-ups, push-ups

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I posted Benchmark Workouts before the holidays started but I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing!  Benchmark’s are the best way to make sure you are not digressing with your progress.  These workouts will work for everyone and will make you sweat.

I challenge you to try 3 minutes of MAX EFFORT WORK for these 3 different movements – burpeespush-upssit-ups (please scale as needed) 

Rest 2 minutes in between each set.  Count your reps and write down how many reps your acheived in the 3 minute time frame.

Scaling Options:

  • burpees – no scale, push though the suck!
  • push-ups – place your knees on the ground and use full range on motion (chest to deck!)
  • sit-ups – crunches

Try these movements on one day of each week.

Shoot for a better score every week and track your progress.  The movements don’t get easier, but you will start to get more efficient at each movement.  You will get faster and increase your reps.

Now is the time to test yourself!  I have my scores below on my progress throughout the month of december and January.  The results are interesting and you can tell when I was tired and when I was fresh.  I feel like overall I am getting better and more consistent with my burpees!

You can do this workout at home, at a gym or even outside.  They will make you sweat and they are NOT easy.  GO SPRINT! Get to it and post your scores.


  • Burpees: 43, 40, 45, 47
  • Push-ups: 45, 48, 43, 40
  • Sit-ups: 55, 40, 50, 55


  • Burpees: 47, 42, 38
  • Push-ups: 45, 50, 41
  • Sit-ups: 53, 55, 47

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